Friday, August 7, 2015


I'm a total word nerd & if I didn't love design so much I'd be hitting up Rap Genius for a job.  I mean how fun would it be to dissect rap lyrics all day?  So I was excited to hear that two of my favorite artists, Eminem & Jay Z, took first & second place as having the largest vocabularies in music...

Sure their music is genius but it's their stories that really get me, talk about turning straw into gold.  I saw them perform together at Yankee Stadium in 2010, it was such an amazing & surreal experience to see two of my favorite artists of all time in my favorite city of all of those NYC moments that I will never forget....
Recently my yoga instructor asked if I'd been practicing yoga outside of class & our conversation went something like this...

Instructor: So, have you been keeping up your yoga practice outside of class?

Me: (a little sheepishly) Well....sort of...I stretch every day but I listen to music while I do it so that probably doesn't count...

Instructor: Music if fine, some people like to listen to drums or chanting or peaceful things like that...

Me: Ummm's higher (just say it!)...Eminem(?!)

Instructor: Does it make you happy?

Me: Yes, very.

Instructor: Well if it makes you happy then it counts as yoga.

My gangsta style yoga??  Approved!! (to my utter surprise & delight :)

A dear friend recently invited me to a weekend retreat at Omega.  The synchronicity & energy there are off the charts & I was incredibly grateful to meet so many kindred spirits...
When I was finishing lunch outside the other day & texting this little dragonfly landed on my about a signal from the universe to disconnect!  I lured him onto my hand & we stared at each other for like five minutes.  Dragonflies represent transformation, joy & lightness of being & remind us to live in the present as they have very short life spans.  Have you ever seen a dragonfly's face up close?  They are one of the cutest things I've ever seen, like little cartoon characters...
Today is my 41st birthday!!  My 40's have been everything I dreamed they would be so far & as I've become more aligned with my soul & life's purpose I've been in awe of the people, circumstances & opportunities that have been manifesting in my life.  I've always believed (& hoped) this would happen but to actually experience it has been life changing & my heart is full of love, peace & gratitude.  When you're on the right path, what you were put on this earth to be & do, you don't just believe, you profoundly know, & I'm super excited to continue the adventure :)

Birthday outfit??  The glamour girl in me wants to strut around in this Fendi feather dress that I've been dying over...
But the five year old in me wants to rock this cowboy kitten t-shirt & tutu (with a pair of glitter flip flops, of course ;) & dance to my new favorite song all day....
If you feel compelled to get me a birthday gift (heehee) please consider making a donation to one of my favorite animal rescue organizations, Best Friends Animal Society, here.  Over 9,000 cats & dogs are killed in U.S. shelters every day & Best Friends is working to make the U.S. a no kill nation through its "Save Them All" campaign.  Let's all help save these bundles of love & light, we can make it happen!
(kittens that my mom & I fostered)

That's it for now my friends....I hope you enjoy this amazing August weekend!!  Xoxo

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Friday, July 3, 2015

True Freedom (& How To Get It Now)

As we celebrate Fourth of July, my heart is overflowing with gratitude that my family & I have been so blessed to live in such a beautiful & free country.  We are forever indebted to those that fought for our freedom & liberties & it is our duty to ensure equality & freedom for all.

What is freedom?  Many times the first thing that comes to mind is physical freedom.  Extremely important, yes, but just because your body may be free does not mean that you are mentally & emotionally free.  Many of us are prisoners of our minds & the self-created shackles & prison cells that bind us- pains of the past that we keep reliving in our heads, anxieties & fears about a future that none of us can control no matter how much we worry about it, holes in our hearts & souls longing to be filled with love & acceptance but often being filled with unhealthy addictions instead, obsessive judgement of ourselves...Am I smart enough, successful enough, attractive enough, GOOD enough? Am I? Am I? Am I?

Do you know that it's possible for an imprisoned person to be freer & more at peace than a person on the street?  I read this article a couple years ago & it has stuck with me ever an extremely successful (at least by society's standards) man only truly found "life" behind bars.  It is fascinating (& nauseating) on many levels...

So how can we truly be free?  It's so simple & right under our nose that we completely overlook it.  It's this moment.  Right NOW.  & it's always NOW, right?  Why is freedom NOW?  Because the present moment is the entry point for becoming one with your true being (your soul/God essence/consciousness) & experiencing peace.  Your soul is your true, timeless essence- radiating light, love, peace, joy & bliss.  It was the totally unique & utterly loved "you" before you were born & it will continue to be the "you" when your physical body dies.

This consciousness & "being" in the present moment is the ultimate freedom.  To experience this you must accept the present moment exactly as it is & dis-identify with the incessant chatter in your head (this is your ego & not the real you).  Sometimes I "watch" the thoughts in my head like each one is a flashing dot dot dot bubble you see on the iPhone when someone is typing a text to you (I guess this is the modern day version of your thoughts being like clouds, ha!).  When you do this you'll find yourself taking life a lot less seriously & will actually start laughing at a lot of the craziness that goes on in your head.  That "person" that's watching the bubble thoughts?  That's my true being, or as Eckhart Tolle calls it, "the watcher."

When the thoughts completely cease you will be one with your true being, your soul.  It will feel like the stillness at the bottom of a lake- peaceful, deep & quiet.  For me it's a shift from my head (the surface waves of ego, anxiety, incessant thoughts, the ticking clock of my to-do list, etc.) to my heart (the bottom of the lake- my being/consciousness/soul in the peaceful & timeless realm).  This is what meditation is, simple (& sometimes not so simple) as that.  Even if you can get to this quiet place for a few seconds it's amazing & will make a huge difference in your overall feelings of peace, calm & well-being (and for all of us Type A's, it also brings more focus & clarity so you can get more done in less time ;)

If, like me, you want nothing more in life than inner peace & true freedom I cannot recommend enough reading The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer & A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.  They have been my life manuals for many years.  It takes a serious commitment to be present & peaceful but it is the single most important thing you can do in life for yourself & others- it is truly the ultimate success & freedom.

On this Fourth of July & every day, Let Freedom (in every sense of the word :) Ring!!!

photo: me (West Hartford, CT)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

(Virtual) Summer Soiree: You are Invited! ;)

As much as I would like to be closed for the summer, gallivanting around being fun & fabulous, I am just a regular working schmoe trying to make things happen (I *LOVE* my life's work though & can't imagine living any other way :)

But fantasies are fun so on that note you are cordially invited to my virtual summer soiree!....Come on in!!!

The Scene-
Magical, rustic elegance with plenty of room for a DJ booth & dance floor...
The Drink- 
La Vie en Rose-
Lillet rose, Citadelle gin, fresh grapefruit juice, Campari, Ruinart rose champagne

I recently checked out the new Baccarat Hotel with friends & had this cocktail in a luxurious Baccarat crystal glass.  Let me tell you it was one of the best drinks I've ever had in my life (& it lived up to its $25 price tag, ha!)...
The Outfit-
Well, I don't know what to say, I'm obsessed.  Does anything scream summer soiree more than a Fendi multicolored feather dress?  I mean all she needs is that pink champagne cocktail in her hand....
The Playlist- 
Some light, cheery & summer-y songs that make me smile...

I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross
You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates
The Only Place - Best Coast
Heatwave - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Best Day of My Life - American Authors
Everything Shines - The Push Stars
Happy - Pharrell Williams
Take a Picture - Filter

Well friends, thanks for joining me in our virtual summer's back to work even if I'm a little drunk on champagne cocktails ;)

Have a wonderful week & HAPPY SUMMER!!!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Crazy Train- Which Car Are You On?

"I'm going off the rails on a crazy train..." -Ozzy Osbourne

So the other day I got on the 4 train headed uptown from Wall St.  Newborn twins were screaming in unison but I could deal with that, precious new life & all, & I'd probably be screaming too if I had to start at the bottom again, it's so much better now we here.  I had just left a therapy session working on my internal energy & sat down to take some notes.

At the next stop this lady with a walker goes to get on & as the subway doors start to shut on her walker she lets out a blood curdling & completely unnecessary scream.  As soon as she is released from the death grip she sits down next to me, looks at the Mexican guitar player to our right & screams, "OH MY GOD, HE'S GONNA PLAY THE GUITAR!!!"  & then she proceeds to start coughing all over, mouth wide open & as she turns toward me I give her a repulsed look & high tail it out of my seat as she screams out to me, "I'M NOT CONTAGIOUS!!!"

Now after having just spent $75 & 45 minutes of intense focusing transforming my internal energy from black, tense blobs to airy & peaceful white light, I thought to myself, This is bullsh*t, no way this lady is gonna contaminate my energy field!  I don't belong in this car!  So at the next stop I get out & go to the car ahead & what a difference a few feet makes.  It's a whole nother world in's quiet & calm, people are sleeping or looking at their the Mexican guitar player did follow me but his songs were a lovely addition.

Who & what situations are in your car train of life?  When you look around are you pleased with your surroundings, your relationships, where you're headed, or do you think to yourself, How the hell did this happen?  Who are all these energy sucking punks?!  I'm in the wrong car!!!  Well the beauty of life is that you can always get off & switch cars, heck you can even get off & stand by yourself on the platform for a while if you need a breather.  I agree with Ozzy that we're all on the crazy train, sometimes I'm really not thrilled with the human experience & the ugliness that goes on but I'm here so I'm going to pimp my car out with love, light, beauty & awesome peeps :)  & maybe, just maybe if we all do that we can turn this crazy train into a LOVE train...let it riiiide..... :)

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Monday, May 11, 2015


Happy May, hope you're enjoying this a-MAY-zing weather!  Sorry that was so cheesy I can't believe I just wrote it.  But I did & it stays, I'm chalking it up to sunshine & warmth giddiness :)

Here's what's bringing a smile to my face lately...

My little lovebug turned two!  To thank me for saving his life & giving him nothing but love & affection for two years, when I got home the other night & went to kiss him on the head he latched on to the scarf around my neck biting & clawing it like it was a wild animal he had to kill & gut.  It took a good 45 seconds to unlatch him, all the while I'm cringing in horror as my favorite scarf is in danger of being torn to shreds while it's around my neck!  (It's not a fancy scarf, I bought it from a cheap street vendor in Paris 11 years ago for like two euro or something but I'm really attached to it.  It smelled like car fumes (French ones yes, but unfortunately they don't smell like flowers.. I'm surprised the French haven't gotten on that one) for a good year but eventually it wore off.)  After assessing the damage, miraculously there were only a few small holes.  I can't wait to see what his third birthday brings, I think I'll have to wear full body armor....
  NYC is looking pretty sweet... 
as I walked towards 8th Ave. the other day bubbles were literally floating in the air & sparkling in the sunshine ...
I had to celebrate Frankie's birthday & all the excitement & magic of spring with a new dress.  You know how crazy I am for camo & black & white, it's like they were reading my mind!...
I'm heading to Miami today (with my new dress ;) to see loved ones, hang at the beach & check out the Maison et Objet interior design show.  If you'd like to tag along for a little fun in the sun you can follow me on instagram @colleenecarney
Have a wonderful week my friends!! :)
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Sweetest Project Yet ;)

Sorry I've been a bit quiet lately but I've been feverishly working away on a project of the utmost importance.  You see, a precious little girl is due to enter the world soon & I feel so honored to have been entrusted by her mom to design a beautiful nursery for her...

We wanted to create a timeless room that she will grow into gracefully & I'm completely swooning over the cream/champagne/blush pink palette with touches of antique gold.  It is truly a dreamy room, fit for an angelic little newborn to start her life in serenity & beauty...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Let's Get Stoned

You all know what a stoner I in crystals of course ;)  Remember my crazy experience at the crystal shop in the West Village last winter?  Well I've been an addict ever since.  For whatever I'm going through in life, there's a crystal that's calling my name.  Do you know that crystal means "frozen light"?  Isn't that beautiful?

& now I'm happy to report that crystals have infiltrated the home market...they are popping up all over town....bring on the light & positive energy peeps!

I was tile shopping for a client's bathroom renovation & could not believe my eyes when I saw these crystal tiles!  Talk about infusing a home with positive energy...white quartz, rose quartz, carnelian, amethyst...decisions, decisions...
If you have a pair of lamps, stick a big ass geode between them...apparently it's the new thing...
clear & smoky quartz ....pretty & fierce...
heart shaped (!) blush pink stilbite...emanates vibrations of joy & love....sold!...
keeping the color scheme in check....pretty, pretty...
I meditate with my crystals every morning (George lays on my lap, it's one of the best things ever) & Oprah & my friend Deepak started a new 21 day meditation experience today "Manifesting True Success"!  Try it, I know you'll like it.  & it's free! :)  Sign up here to welcome more peace & positivity into your life...
& in other shiny news I'm kind of dying over the new gold MacBook....Apple geeks be gettin' some flava....
4 days till spring!!  No more frozen, just light please :) :)
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