Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween! (& the cutest surprise ever!)

I hope your Halloween is filled with more "treats" than "tricks"!
& do I have an adorable little surprise for you....
Meet Francis Lovebug Carney!  Aka "Frankie" or "Little Lovebug" 

He turned six months old this week & I still can't believe he's mine.  Want to hear a funny & strange story?  He came with the name Frankie & I thought about changing it- I didn't know if it sounded to guido-y & wasn't sure how much I liked that name for him.  But honestly I just couldn't think of anything that I would change it to & then I had a realization that decided it for me.  My Gram passed away almost a year ago & she loved St. Francis, I have one of her St. Francis statues on my dresser & my mom always jokes that I'm St. Francis because animals flock to me.  We were pleasantly surprised & laughing too when Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope this year & chose the name Francis, swearing that my Gram was shaking things up in heaven.  So I thought, hmm, Frankie could be short for Francis, this is a sign indeed!  Francis Lovebug (because he IS a little lovebug) Carney it is.  I was explaining all of this to my cousin & my mom said to me "Do you realize that Francis Carney was your great grandfather's name?"  What?!  So unbeknownst to me I named my cat after my great grandfather (although I'm certain his middle name was not Lovebug).  I was happily shocked to hear that & to continue the tradition because my beloved Popper was named after my Pop Carney, who passed away in 2007.  I was certainly not expecting to lose Popper this year but Frankie came along at just the right time & is helping to heal my broken heart.  He even looks like Popper, eats as much as he did & like Popper wrestled his brother George into a chokehold in no time.  He fills me with joy every day & is an exquisite little creature, rescued from a kill shelter in Atlanta.  If you have space in your heart & home please consider adopting or fostering a shelter pet.  You may be rescuing them but as the saying goes "Who rescued who?" :) 

photos: 1/me