Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's a Party in the USA

Wishing you all a fun & festive Fourth of July in America the Beautiful! 

A little story for you that's fitting for paternal grandfather, "Pop", was one of the happiest & easygoing people I've ever known.  He was so content with life, living in a modest home in Florida, working on his cars, drinking "brewskies" & humming & singing little songs all the time.  I asked my Dad once, "How is Pop so happy all the time?!"  My Dad told me that when Pop was a Marine in WWII he saw horrible atrocities & said if he made it home alive he would kiss the ground & never complain again.  & did he ever live up to that, his sparkling blue eyes always joyous & full of life.  He was truly a living example of gratitude
As we celebrate with our family & friends today let's all take a moment of gratitude for all of our blessings & for those who fought for & continue to fight for our freedom.  We wouldn't be where we are without them.   
Now let's all sing along with one of our great American treasures, Miss Miley...come on, you know you know all the words!!
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