Sunday, December 2, 2012

John & Ellie

If he were still alive, my grandfather would have turned 100 today.  He passed away when I was eleven & I wish I had more time with him.  He was handsome, mild-mannered & as a "city boy," loved going to his cabin in the Catskills to fish & spend time with his family.  Very sadly we lost my grandmother, "Gram", just last week, two days shy of her 93rd birthday.  She was one of the most determined & adventurous people I've ever known & we had countless laughs together.  I loved her dearly & I'm proud that she was my Gram.  She missed my grandfather terribly after his death but forged ahead for over two decades, enjoying her life, family & friends to the fullest.  We shared a love of Europe & traveled there together twice, one trip making a visit that was very meaningful to her, seeing the D-Day beaches in Normandy where my grandfather fought in World War II.  Right before our trip, she broke her foot but that didn't stop her from walking all over Europe for two weeks.  She was determined to see the inside of a bunker at Normandy too so down she went, broken foot & all, that was my Gram!  Though not without their share of ups & downs, my grandparents truly adored each other & were unwavering in their support of each other.  This is my favorite picture of them & it brings a big smile to my face, especially knowing they are together again.
"Death is not an end to anything.  It's a transition and an adventure." - Dr. Eben Alexander, "Proof of Heaven"


  1. Handsome man indeed! I paid tribute to him on his 100th by taking some time to do some carpentry at my shop. I miss him dearly as well and, just like you, believe that only having him in my life for 8 years was an injustice to me. He has, and always will, inspire me to do better in life, while still taking time to enjoy life and my family. Keep up the great work Coll, you inspire me as well.

    1. Jack- You are the best cousin anyone could wish for & YOU inspire me!! You not only look like Grandpa but his spirit lives on in you which is an amazing, special thing. Much love, Colleen