Sunday, July 22, 2012

Downtown Mixin' Fabrics Trying to Find the Magic

I'm so excited that a new season of my all time favorite show, Project Runway, is upon us!  I have always loved fashion & started reading Vogue at about 12 & dreamed of becoming a fashion editor in New York City.  I'm thrilled with my career now as an interior designer but fashion is still in my blood & I look forward to the day when it will be an even bigger part of my life.  A fabric is just a piece of fabric until the moment a designer transforms it with their ideas & skill & brings it to life.  This infusion of passion & energy can turn even the dullest of fabrics into nothing short of sheer magic.  A perfect example of this is Christopher's long evening gown.  In his words he took a fabric that's "tacky & I hate it" & turned it into a total showstopper....
The back is absolutely killing me...classy, sexy & edgy all at the same time.

The original tacky hated fabric.  It's looking very polyester to me...even more impressive!

What I wouldn't give for Melissa's leather vest...I love me a high collar & this would be an absolute staple in my wardrobe (although I would do without the long skirt & forlorn face)....

Ven's work is extremely impressive as well. His designs are evocative of the elegance & sophistication of Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera...

I can't wait to see what magic the next episode brings!!


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