Sunday, May 5, 2013

Old School

Remember waiting to hear your favorite song on the radio?  In a weird way I kind of miss that.  In the advent of any music you want at your fingertips I find I get burned out on my favorite songs pretty quickly & don't appreciate them as much.  Not that I want to go back to radio days but there was something about the surprise of what song would come next & the anticipation & joy of hearing your favorite song.  Not having it at your fingertips made you treasure it all the more.

It was so exciting to go to the record store too to buy that new tape or CD....actually holding it in your hands, taking it fresh out of the plastic wrapper, looking at the cover art & reading the lyrics & thank you's.  I think artists must miss that too.  Each album was a complete work & the songs were put in a certain order for a reason.  This has all gone out the window now in the name of speed & convenience, which I can definitely appreciate, but it's a little sad in a way. 

 I listen to the good old fashioned radio when I'm in the car & the other day I heard a song my friend (who now lives in another state & I miss terribly) & I used to love.  I had completely forgotten about it & it brought back a flood of fun memories of us hanging out together, crazy how a song can bring you right back to the place you were in your life when it was popular.  I arrived at my destination but didn't get out of the car until it was over....just love the beginning....
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