Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stones & Shamans & Gold Chainz

I love that Jamie Anderson won the ultimate bling in Sochi...not because she's gorgeous & super duper talented, not because she's wearing the jacket version of my beloved Nike vest, but because she has now given me permission to wave my stone carrying freak flag loud & proud.  Yes people, I carry stones. Or if you want to be fancier, which I'm all for, crystals.  I was squealing with delight when I read about it here, eagerly texting my friends & family (who got stones from me this Christmas- I'm not sure they were entirely convinced), See! See! Jamie Anderson carries a quartz crystal & she won a gold medal!!!

It all started last fall.  It had been a tough year in many ways & my woo woo mind was open to any help.  I had read about a stone shop in the West Village in The New York Times over the summer and thought this could be the perfect time for me to visit.  When I found it on Christopher Street I realized I must have passed it hundreds of times without ever noticing it.  A lovely middle aged woman named Clara helped me find the perfect stones to hopefully change my energy.  They were beautiful.  I held them & admired them & read all about their properties.  I didn't show them to many people, just the ones that I knew would be open to it.  I recently recommended a specific stone to one of my dear friends & lo & behold when we were walking to dinner one Saturday night a few weeks ago we passed the stone shop.  She chose one that spoke to her & I was explaining to her to always keep it within two feet of her, sleep with it under her pillow & that random people will start talking to her a lot more so be prepared.  Well we left the shop & didn't make it 20 yards down the street when we get to the corner & this man approaches us.  It went like this:

Man, to me:  Excuse me!  Excuse me miss!  Are you a shaman?? Did you study shamanism or something?
My friend & I look at each other totally bewildered, trying not to completely bust out laughing.  Now in my 20+ years in NYC I have had some very strange street encounters but I have never been mistaken for a shaman.  I saw the new age magazine in his hand & realized he must have been in the shop with us & heard me talking.  Well, I wasn't about to completely deflate his dreams by telling him I was an interior designer- the horror- so I deflected the question as best as I could...

Me:  Ummm, no, not really.  Why?

Man:  You, you have KNOWLEDGE!!


Once he realized this skinny blonde in an orange corduroy mini skirt was not going to impart any special knowledge to him he decided he was going to impart his knowledge to us...

Man:  Well, I'm really great at history.  Ask me any question about history & I'll answer it.

Me:  Ok, how were the pyramids built?

Man:  Oh, yes, that's a good one...

So we chitchatted a little more about aliens & such & then my friend & I departed as graciously as we could, cracking up the entire way to the restaurant & all through dinner.  Now it's a running joke between us that I have "knowledge" ;)

Consider introducing some stones into your life my friends, I can't promise you'll win a big gold chain but things could get very interesting...;)

Happy Birthday to my amazing sister!! Love you!!

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