Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Light as a Feather

"They say it's spring, this feeling light as a feather..." - Blossom Dearie, "They Say It's Spring"

Relax & Let Go.  Kind of like this feather.  Just reading these words feels good, right?  I believe that the universe speaks to us & is constantly giving us the messages & answers that we need to hear.  Over the past year or so the words "Let Go" have been popping up all over the place for me & even though it goes against my nature to let go I'm getting the message loud & clear.  I'm lightening my load mentally & physically- organizing, getting rid of things that don't serve me anymore, getting healthier routines in place- & sending my own loud & clear message to the universe that I am ready for fresh, new things in my life.  I'm on a tear people.  Here is what I've been up to:

Spring Cleaning:
- Spring cleaning- as an interior designer I profoundly understand what an impact your environment has on your health, well being & happiness but the idea of cleaning out & organizing your life can be overwhelming so commit to choosing one area & spending 15 minutes a day on it.  I started with my huge pile of unread magazines.  I had to accept the fact that as tantalizing as they are I will never get to read them (which then causes me anxiety) & cancelled all of my subscriptions except for four.  Let Go, done!

- What are you looking at & what do you want to look at?  Pretty, inspirational things only please!  I had a bin on my desk that I threw receipts into.  Even though it was off to the side I hated seeing all those receipts & felt like it constricted my desk space.  I am now putting them in an envelope in my desk drawer & this small change has done wonders.    

- The dreaded email inbox.  Do a quick scan through any unread emails & then archive all that shit.  Let Go, done!  There is nothing like a fresh inbox.  As new emails come in judge them harshly as being worthy of your inbox & unsubscribe & archive with reckless abandon.

Healthy Habits:
Running/getting outside- I haven't been able to run for over eight months due to tendinitis in my left ankle but I am finally back out there, slowly & one step at a time.  Running is my meditation & happy place & I am over the moon to be able to do it again.

Meditation- as important as I know that daily meditation is I often fall off the wagon.  Oprah & Deepak's new 21 Day Meditation Challenge came at the perfect moment & if anyone can transform your life it's these two

I like Michael Singer's philosophy on meditation..."You meditate so that you have the center so you can let go of what life is doing. The real growth is letting go."  He's basically saying just LET GO & you won't even have to meditate...letting go of your self image, life situations, etc. is more powerful than meditating.  If you haven't read his book The Untethered Soul you must do so immediately, it's about letting go of the pain & suffering that we all experience in life & being free.

(Fresh & Somewhat *fancy*) Command Central:
New iPhone- I'm way overdue for a phone upgrade & I seriously think the polar vortex destroyed my phone. When shopping for technology my default is always black, sleek & James Bond looking. I have never been into white for the iPhone, it always looked weak & noncommittal to me but throw a little champagne gold on it & this girl is sold.  What can I say, it's fresh, a little fancy & I'm defenseless in the face of understated bling...
With my clean space, my healthy new habits & my fresh to death iPhone I feel ready to take on the world....oops, I mean Let Go & float as free as a feather ;) 

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