Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Crazy Train- Which Car Are You On?

"I'm going off the rails on a crazy train..." -Ozzy Osbourne

So the other day I got on the 4 train headed uptown from Wall St.  Newborn twins were screaming in unison but I could deal with that, precious new life & all, & I'd probably be screaming too if I had to start at the bottom again, it's so much better now we here.  I had just left a therapy session working on my internal energy & sat down to take some notes.

At the next stop this lady with a walker goes to get on & as the subway doors start to shut on her walker she lets out a blood curdling & completely unnecessary scream.  As soon as she is released from the death grip she sits down next to me, looks at the Mexican guitar player to our right & screams, "OH MY GOD, HE'S GONNA PLAY THE GUITAR!!!"  & then she proceeds to start coughing all over, mouth wide open & as she turns toward me I give her a repulsed look & high tail it out of my seat as she screams out to me, "I'M NOT CONTAGIOUS!!!"

Now after having just spent $75 & 45 minutes of intense focusing transforming my internal energy from black, tense blobs to airy & peaceful white light, I thought to myself, This is bullsh*t, no way this lady is gonna contaminate my energy field!  I don't belong in this car!  So at the next stop I get out & go to the car ahead & what a difference a few feet makes.  It's a whole nother world in's quiet & calm, people are sleeping or looking at their the Mexican guitar player did follow me but his songs were a lovely addition.

Who & what situations are in your car train of life?  When you look around are you pleased with your surroundings, your relationships, where you're headed, or do you think to yourself, How the hell did this happen?  Who are all these energy sucking punks?!  I'm in the wrong car!!!  Well the beauty of life is that you can always get off & switch cars, heck you can even get off & stand by yourself on the platform for a while if you need a breather.  I agree with Ozzy that we're all on the crazy train, sometimes I'm really not thrilled with the human experience & the ugliness that goes on but I'm here so I'm going to pimp my car out with love, light, beauty & awesome peeps :)  & maybe, just maybe if we all do that we can turn this crazy train into a LOVE train...let it riiiide..... :)

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