Sunday, February 3, 2013

Inslee Haynes

I know y'all have just been dying to know where my beautiful Chintz & Swagger header illustration came from, right?!  Well it was a custom collaboration with the gorgeous & incredibly talented NYC fashion illustrator Inslee Haynes & she blogs about our project here.  Her blog, The Sketch Book, is a must read for her whimsical illustrations of the most chic & stylish ladies & her witty commentary always cracks me up.  We worked on a sketch of my most idealized version of being a young NYC interior for clients in the West Village on a beautiful day, cute dog in tow.  Most of the time my job is nowhere near this glamorous (and I don't even own a cute black dog) but when it is I literally pinch myself & think of the days that this was all a dream that I would have given anything to come true.  You really have to cherish those moments to realize that a dream is never given to you without the means to manifest it.  It usually requires a lot of hard work, uncomfortable & scary growth, & doesn't wind up looking exactly the way you had envisioned, but dreams do indeed come true :)


  1. Inslee is SO talented! She did such a great job, your header is absolutely gorgeous!


  2. Thank you so much Mia! Isn't she just amazing? Such a treat to work with her. Your blog is really beautiful! I love the Raleigh/Durham area too, my sister is a Dukie!