Sunday, February 10, 2013

Street Swagger- Amir

Love Amir's whole getup & yes, you better believe those are camo corduroy pants!  When he walked past me I literally chased him down 59th Street to get a closer look & find out where they were from.  I was desperately hoping that Club Monaco had a girls' version but sadly they do not.  In the meantime I'm consoling myself with this vision of loveliness (spotted in the window of Saks)....
This makes me smile *REALLY* big for a variety of reasons: a.) after wearing black wool for what feels like the past six months I have an overwhelming urge to drape myself in hot pink silk b.) I think shoulders are one of the most beautiful features of a woman & this neckline is exquisite c.) the mannequin is gold! d.) It's YSL, need I say more?

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