Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fresh Faced

There's no denying that winter completely kicked our ass this year in NY & I think we are all dying for some much deserved sunshine & warmer weather.  With spring finally here, I am giddy with a renewed sense of hope & optimism & most importantly- a wardrobe change & new makeup!  Truth be told I'm not the best at the in between seasons when it comes to clothes.  I love winter getups- luxurious coats paired with dresses or jeans & boots (I *LOVE* boots).  Summer is the easiest with a sun or maxi dress paired with metallic or bejeweled sandals & a great pair of sunglasses.  Spring & fall are weird.  I never know if I'm going to be too cold or hot & I'm stumped by the shoes.  I'm not a big ballet flats fan & I can't wear heels all day so I usually wind up wearing suede boots as early & as late as possible!  If you have any suggestions for me in the shoe department I'm all ears.   But makeup?  Now this is much less complicated & the possibilities are endless!  I may not be a kid anymore but nothing makes make happier than playing with fabric, clothes & makeup.  If I wasn't an interior designer I'd definitely work in fashion or as a makeup artist.  The face is a blank canvas & it's astonishing how the right makeup can highlight a woman's best features & totally transform her look.  I'm thinking fresh, fresh, fresh for this long awaited & well deserved spring.  Here's what I've been up to at the makeup counter....(did I mention FRESH??  Sorry I'm a bit delirious from this never ending, mind-numbing winter...)

Chanel, as usual, does not disappoint.  I am always incredibly inspired by their interesting & fashion forward palettes....  

I have so many pretty eyeliners but unfortunately half way through the day they've smudged & I look like a mess.  Chanel's Stylo Yeux Waterproof  eyeliner has been one of my best makeup discoveries, it's a workhorse & absolutely does not budge.  My winter staple has been Cassis, a dark plum that brings out the green in my hazel eyes & I was thrilled to discover this Violine above for spring & summer, a really fresh & fun electric violet.

Violine pairs perfectly with Chanel's Rouge Allure lipstick in Gracile , a neutral soft shell pink & worth it alone for the tube.  It's the James Bond of lipsticks & to get the lipstick out of the tube you depress the gold end with the CC's & with a little click it pops out.  I can't resist a solid & smooth sound & function.  Kind of like hearing a door shut on a BMW vs. a Hyundai, except this is only $34.
As the final finishing touch for a little sparkle & shine, I dab on a bit of Chanel's L√®vres Scintillantes Glossimer in Amour.  I mean what girl wouldn't want a little "amour" on her lips for spring?!

Finally, lest we forget the all important nails.  My niece was over last weekend & we had so much fun painting her tiny little nails.  After showing her my large assortment of nail polish I realized that a lot of them were way too grown up & frankly a little goth & depressing looking, certainly nothing suitable for a five year old.  Don't get me wrong, Chanel's Paradoxal Vendetta have been my winter go to's but we have moved on to FRESH now, remember?!  She chose Essie's Boat House, a popular favorite for my toenails but heck, who said it can't go on my fingernails?  Sometimes it takes a five year old to open your mind so I took her lead & feel like I have bright little pink-y coral tulips on my that is fresh and brings a big smile to my face, and a smile really is the best makeup of all :)

photos: 1/2/3/4/me

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