Friday, December 13, 2013

Keep Their Heads Ringin'

The party's goin' on...thank God it's Friday...
& have you seen these new fresh to death Beats headphones??
They're a match made in hip hop/fashion heaven- the hip hop/street badassness of Dr. Dre & the luxe fashion edginess of Alexander Wang....I kind of can't take it, seriously.  I want to just wear them, like as the coolest headband ever.  I don't know that I could get away with it though.  Whenever I see people wearing Beats on the subway I think they look so cool & must be listening to way cooler music than me.  Like if I had on Beats & Josh Groban's "Believe" came on my iPod the headphones would shoot electrical shocks through my head and Dr. Dre would come on & call me a pansy ass punk or something.  Shuffle shame to the 10th degree.  If you have an extra $449 & think you're cool enough to rock these bad boys you can sign up for the presale this coming Sunday here.... Ring Ding Dong.... ;)
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  1. Yeah... But did you really have to post this on the day a patient punched me in the face?! So much irony altogether.