Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Good Life

Happy Thursday friends!  Since it's the most glamorous time of the year, can't we just sit around all day wearing emerald green satin, drinking martinis, & petting poodles?  Does this fantasy world really exist somewhere?!  Let me in, LET ME IN!!

When I was completely burnt out at my corporate job I used to fantasize about having enough money to just be a lady of & looking at beautiful things all day, having amazing lunches & dinners with friends & family I never had time to see when I was working, basically just a glamorous & safe life with not a care in the world.  So when I actually quit my corporate job & felt like I had been released from jail I used to have little "fantasy" days.  I'd walk around NYC, check out all the beautiful clothes, walk slowly through Central Park with the sun beaming down on me (one day I even sat on the grass in Washington Square Park, looked around, & thought to myself, Who the hell are all these people that do this?!  Don't they have to work?), have a leisurely lunch & fantasize about life being this good & stress free everyday. 

Well you know what?  After doing it a few times I realized it was not for me.  There's no depth or meaning to a life like that & it would very quickly become boring & stagnant.  I mean, I could be decked out in the most beautiful clothes & jewelry ever but where would I be going?  Who would I be seeing?  What the heck would I have to even talk about?  This was a good lesson for me because even though I definitely dream of these fantasy days on occasion, I know I was put on this earth to share my talents & gifts with others & guess what- that means working & it's one of the best feelings in the world to be able to make a living for yourself by helping others with your God given talents.   Things also have a lot more meaning when you've worked hard for them.  Yes, it can be stressful, scary & unknown but it's also exciting, joyful & 100% ME.

If you had complete financial security but had to work what would you do?  This is your dharma, or life's purpose.  Is it what you're doing now?  If not, start exploring ways to make this "work" more a part of your life & if you can get paid for it even better!  Perfect New Year's resolution, no?

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  1. Sounds like you have always known yourself deep down. Most people never have the courage and or opportunity to find a fulfilling way to share their talents/passions with others to make a living. Congratulations on that! Many people with great wealth tend to use philanthropic means to fill the void of employment. Self-made wealthy individuals usually blow off all their workaholic steam before philanthropy sets in. You have a wonderful soul Colleen. You would be a wonderful leader of philanthropic initiatives. Often deciding how philanthropic resources are used is just as important as providing them. Especially in large corporations. I like the Breakfast at Tiffany's picture. Priceless! Keep giving the gift of your heart and passionate energy to all aspects of your life. That is the best advice I could give anyone. P.S Any wealthy woman that sits around drinking martinis all day is almost certainly clinically depressed.

    1. Thanks so much Jane! It was a long road to get to where I am but I feel so fortunate to finally be able to be "me" in my work. Your advice is spot on & I really appreciate it. It really is the key to a happy & fulfilling life :) Since leaving the corporate world & starting my own business I've really had to rethink money in many different aspects. If you haven't read it I highly recommend "The Soul of Money" by Lynne Twist. You make a very good point on philanthropic resources & she discusses that in the book as well.