Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Playlist

During the holidays my sisters & I come up with a theme song that sets the tone for the New Year- 2012 was "Big Pimpin'" & 2013 was "Anything Could Happen" & oh were they ever.  We haven't come up with a specific 2014 theme song yet, we'll know it when we hear it, but here's my playlist so far...some of the songs have special meaning & some are just for fun.  What's on your 2014 playlist?

Lose Yourself- Eminem- I'm bringing it back into the mix.  "If you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip?"  Life is not a dress rehearsal my friends- THIS IS IT, NOW is the moment.  Go for that guy/girl, dream job, house, car, body- show those bitches YOU OWN IT!  There are no bitches here, only love, I just added that for dramatic effect ;)

Fancy- Drake, T.I. & Swizz Beatz- (my youngest sister's pick) nail done, hair done, everything did- smart, independent women that not only have their sh*t together but are lookin' pretty damn *fancy* too

No One Else- Weezer- just silly, cracks me up & I love the electric guitar

So Ambitious- Jay-Z feat. Pharrell- "If you believe it then you can conceive it"

This Must Be The Place- Talking Heads- my theme song- my whole life I've been dreaming of a happy home (it's no mistake that I'm an interior designer)- plus I have to laugh when I think about the scene in Wall Street when Daryl Hannah decorates Charlie Sheen's apartment in pure 80's cheesiness

(Ain't Nothing Gonna) Break My Stride- Matthew Wilder- fun song that I remember from my childhood & oh man I need the endurance & litheness of a gazelle this year...

Glamorous- Fergie feat. Ludacris-  so much of life is unglamorous, I'll take glamour wherever I can get it- sing it Fergie! :)

Nightshift (12-Inch Club Mix)- The Commodores- recently heard at a coffee shop- a chill throwback & beautiful tribute to Marvin Gaye & Jackie Wilson

Empire State of Mind (Part II)- Alicia Keys- one of my all time favorite songs- the captivating beauty, inspiration & toughness of the concrete jungle where dream are made of (& of course tons of NY pride :)...

Feel So Close- Calvin Harris- just for fun...& don't tell me the guitar solo (or whatever that is, do people even have to play instruments anymore?) in the beginning doesn't sound like Sweet Child O' Mine...it's soo close ;)

Young Forever- Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson- another all time favorite- our spirits are eternal & forever young.  We're only in human form for a short time- enjoy life, go for everything you want, make the world a better place & leave the legacy that you dream of....

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