Thursday, January 30, 2014


"There is nothing you can lose that will diminish your wholeness & nothing you can gain that will add to who you are.  You are already whole."  -Deepak Chopra

It really is as simple (& yet as difficult) as that.

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  1. To elaborate on the quote you cited I will say this - Actions taken as a result of decisions made one way or another can greatly enhance the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of one's whole self (potential or destiny in life) You are whole but not everyone approaches their whole potential. Many cannot overcome social barriers or realities to reach their whole potential through no fault of their own. Be thankful for anything or anyone in your life that has helped you approach your whole potential.

    1. You are absolutely right Jane, what an eloquent elaboration. I hope you are well! Gratitude is the key to everything in life, we must be thankful for all we've been given & then even more will be given to us. I understand what you're saying about those that cannot reach their whole potential but I think one of the most important things to understand in life is that YOU ALONE are the author of your own life. You hold the power & no person or situation can make you succeed or make you fail. It’s very easy & comfortable to blame others & your circumstances for what’s not going right in your life (I’ve certainly been guilty of it) & to stay in that safe yet miserable place. It’s much harder to accept that you hold the power for your destiny & to start taking the scary & uncomfortable steps to create the life you dream of. Of course there are extreme examples (situations in third world countries, etc.) where this can be even more difficult but I am speaking in general here.