Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Winning Factor

I was excited to have the opportunity last year to hear Barbara Corcoran speak. I admire her so much- her strong character & business savvy (she turned $1k into a $30 billion dollar real estate business!), her straightforward manner & honesty- she is who she is, makes no apologies & knows how to tear things up while also having a blast.  She had lots of great business advice but there was one thing that was the biggest takeaway for me.  It's what the winning factor is.  Barbara saw thousands of real estate agents either make it or break it over her many years in the business & those that made it all had one thing in common- the winning factor.

Can you guess what it is?  It's not how much money you have, the family you're from, your education, how good looking or tall you are & it absolutely can't be bought (so if you think any of the things are holding you back- they aren't).  Still wondering?.... It's how quickly you get back up after you've been knocked down. The winning factor, my friends, is resilience.

Do you know that Howard Schultz didn't have a penny to his name when he wanted to start Starbucks & was rejected by 217 potential investors?  Elie Tahari, an extremely famous fashion designer, came to NYC from Israel at 20 with not a penny in his pocket & slept in parks at night?  And for years Sara Blakely sold fax machines by day & at night worked relentlessly on creating her Spanx product, getting rejected by every production mill until finally one agreed to make her product because the owner's teenage girls said he should give her a chance.  She became a billionaire, yes billionaire, by creating shapewear that makes women's bellies & behinds look smooth & sassy.

Where would we be my friends without caffeine infused hangouts, stylish clothes & delicious booties?  Not to mention the little thing called the lightbulb that Thomas Edison finally got right on the 10,000th+ attempt.  See what I'm getting at?!  Resilience literally & figuratively pays off.....& it's free :)  Now lift your toned booty off the floor, put on a stylish outfit, grab a Starbucks coffee & get on out there & make things happen!!  

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